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"By reducing Single-Use Plastics Layers, a Pad Maker can creates huge impact on Environment"

Celligo Bio-Inserts for conventional production line

Celligo Bio-Inserts are benefiting conventional sanitary pad manufacturers for making Biodegradable sanitary pads by replacing SAP and Hot-Melt Adhesivs in the production line.

Key Features
  • Menstruation Hygiene with Natural components

  • Anti-leakage with Excellent Wet Strength

  • Biodegradable with compostable BioSAP sheets

  • Fast production with less inventory

Celligo Illustrations-02.png

Ease of Manufacturing

With our path breaking technology, you can produce sanitary pads as easily as disposable pads without disrupting your conventional pad manufacturing process. It’s highly simple and convenient to use.

Key Features

  • Make Menstrual waste compostable as faster 

  • Specially made for faster and sustainable production 

  • 60% reduction in single-use plastics


Celligo Bio-Inserts for Most Sustainable production line

Celligo Bio-Inserts are being used to produce disposable sanitary towel/cloth with self-adhesive back layers. With Natural Super-absorbent material, Celligo Bio-Insert can retain fluid 7 times of Wood pulp and 2 times of Cotton fabrics.  

Key Features

  • Reduce Single-Use Plastics by 90%

  • ISO certified Raw materials

  • No more Syn. SAP

  • 10x reduction in machinery cost.

Professionally Validated Solutions

  • Biodegradability of Celligo Bio-Insert Certified by CIPET (ISO 17088-2008)

  • Water retention of Celligo BioInsert- (WSP 241.3-2011)

  • Tested for Neutral pH – IS 5405:2019.

  • Water Absorption (Tested in form of pads) - IS 5405:2019

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